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greetings fellow citizens

Canadian fine craft artists, the galleries, shops and studios where you can meet them, and the museums, art institutions and curators that shape our history - all working together in one place to show the world our work… Drool.

The Citizen’s Of Craft web-site is open for business. And I’m all smiles - I spent many summer evenings happily camped in my basement editing pictures and loading them up to create my profile.

407 members and growing every time I visit, I think this could just be the best thing to happen to fine craft artists in Canada for a very long time. It’s a  h u g e  under-taking to create and maintain such a resource, so I’m feeling pretty confident about my very sweeping statement.

It’s only been a week and 3 complete strangers have taken the time to share my profile on Facebook (and I didn’t even ask them to): thank you to my new friends, and I look forward to the many opportunities this new resource will create in our far-flung hands-on community.