My ceramic work is usually hand-built, my hands are often the only tools used on a piece.

I make sculptural and functional ceramics. Many of the pieces take extended periods of time to build—particularly work in the Fenestrations Series.

There is a certain anachronistic pleasure I derive from creating "slow art" : I develop an intense relationship with each piece as it grows over time, and I can take the opportunity to reflect and to respond, to work with new ideas and be inspired by the evolving form. The next piece in the series often comes directly from a question I posed to myself during the process.

Please click on the links to explore slideshows of my work. I hope you enjoy them - please contact me for more details about availability and galleries.

View functional and decorative ceramics including recent porcelain work.

More functional and decorative work including older wood and salt-fired pieces - I hope to do more wood-firing again in the future, there really is nothing quite like it, and I love how it looks with my oxidation fired work.

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