Saturday, March 31, 2012

hot under the collar

There's a fairly long line-up of stuff that gets me hot under the collar… This is also the title of a sure to be excellent upcoming show featuring contemporary necklaces that I, sadly, won't be in. So I decided to have a solo show and post a picture of my current favourite new necklace: "For The Girl Who Has Everything: A Snack".

"For The Girl Who Has Everything: A Snack". Sterling silver, stainless steel,
gluten free cookie, brass, cubic zirconia. Constructed. 2012.

There is at least one reason I won't be in the show: I didn't enter. And there's a reason I didn't enter… That would be the $30 fee to have my entries reviewed for potential inclusion. Simply put, I have hemorrhaged far too much cash recently entering shows—the same amount would have bought me a considerable amount of raw metal and gemstones, a run of business and post-cards, or even the best part of the airfare to go see the show!

It's not that I'm against spending money on self-promotion and marketing, like everyone else I just need to be choosy about how much, and what I spend my money on. I would really like to be able to answer the question "cui bono?" every time I have to reach for my credit card: if a show of fabulous contemporary work will boost foot traffic at a location, why am I paying so much to be even considered as a participant? What about just charging those invited to be there? How are all those application fees used? The answers of course have many facets, and I will continue to enter what I can afford. But I would really like to scrutinize the money flow to ensure that I feel good about what I am paying for—maybe organizers could let us know their policy information as part of the proposal?

I look forward to hearing what other people think about this.