Jeff de Boer - mentor, inspiration, collaborator, friend. Founder of LEXM (League of Extraordinary Makers), and design-house Armét Canada.

Cory Barkman - industrial artist, LEXM team-mate, designer extraordinaire.

Alberta Craft Council - provincial craft council, I am a professional member.

Citizens Of Craft - a great site to browse Canadian fine craft artists, my profile is here.

Metal Arts Guild of Canada - Canadian art jewellers, metal-smiths, and links to galleries Canada-wide. My profile can be found here.

make and do - launched February 1, 2016. Fabulous Canadian contemporary ceramic work, and a Canada-wide maker directory. 

some brain food...

In Our Time - presented by Melvyn Bragg (elevated to the House Of Lords in the UK after a life-time of public service broadcasting in the arts). Available as a podcast from BBC Radio 4, subjects cover everything imaginable, from the universal to the arcane. Topics are dissected by a panel actively involved in researching the subject (not just those with opinions).

3quarksdaily - it's like having the renaissance revisited, delivered to your inbox, every day. Science, art, critical thinking... And there's always a really cool video clip - fortunately it's not always that highbrow, and that's the point: we all like to let go every now and then. Implicated by Steven Pinker as the main reason he can't get his work done.

The Edge - want to read what leading musicians, philosophers, artists, critical thinkers and many other smartypants are arguing about? They publish really (really) good books too, readable on-line under Annual Question.

TED talks
 - "ideas worth spreading" from a not-for-profit organization focused on "Technology Entertainment Design". Still good, but increasingly info-tainment based... I find I have to choose carefully to ensure speakers are properly expert in their field, and not just promoting their own opinion/bank balance.

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