Thursday, December 10, 2015

don't eat the yellow snow

I have a rule when I make my ceramics: I have to love how the finished piece looks on my dining room table.

This was the first large piece that I glazed in my new glaze style: “Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow” - it has splashes of bright yellow and lime green glaze on top of a translucent glaze, on high-fired porcelain clay. There is also a funky mix of wood ash, black underglaze, and ash splodges: it captures a snow-bank a few days after a snow-fall - the expanse of white, splashes from the road and bikes and - you can fill in the rest of the inspiration.

Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow. Porcelain walled and footed bowl. Pinched and hand-built form. 4.5” x 8”. Christine Pedersen. 2015.

This glaze style makes me smile... It was hard to let go and take it to Bluerock, and I have a blank space in the middle of my table. Maybe I’ll be able to post a shot of it on the dining room table of its new home.

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