Tuesday, March 1, 2016

jewellery meets lego

Jeff de Boer and his apprentice Dylan Puddu have been developing the Gearing collection for a while now, and in 2015, they finally invited me to start playing in the toy-box with them! I must have hinted loudly enough at how cool I think the Gearing components really are… We have lots of plans and new work to come, with one of a kind and stone-set pieces. 

Please contact Jeff if you would like to know more.

Armét-Haus Gearing components become cufflinks... Set with rhodolite garnets.
Custom design by Christine Pedersen.

Armét-Haus Gearing pendant: Jeff de Boer and Dylan Puddu.

Avenue Magazine published a neat article on Jeff's studio and the (slightly over-whelming!) range of projects that he is working on at any one time :)

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