Monday, January 30, 2017

the mane event this March...

Whoa! That's a very young me with my skewbald bestie and life-long inspiration... Read a feature article in the Okotoks Feb 2017 Cultural newsletter.

Want to talk horse all evening AND learn to sculpt a horse-head in clay? Sounds like a great way to spend time to me! I am really looking forward to teaching this course - starts March 16, 2017, and you can register through the Town of Okotok’s website here.

Punk, Jazz, and Classical: ponies with attitude! Christine Pedersen. 2016.

You will spend four 2-hour evening classes making your sculpture, after which your piece will dry, and then be fired for you. During the final 2-hour class, you will decide whether to use paint or glaze to decorate your finished horse-head.

This course is for anyone who would like to sculpt with potter’s clay. No experience is necessary—just bring your enthusiasm, and pictures of horse-heads that you find inspiring. I will cover all of the important techniques for hand-sculpting, and you will be able to purchase some clay tools during the class. I will help you to develop your composition and build character into your piece, and for those with some clay experience, we can increase the challenge as much as you would like.

Although the course is focused on the horse-head, the style of your piece can be as literal or abstract as you wish, and you will make your sculpture as simple or challenging as you want in the time available. 

We will work in the fun and stimulating environment of the artist’s studio upstairs at the lovely Okotoks Art Gallery.

Hope to see you there :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Return goes to the Core...

Return tree sculpture is on show at the Core, TD Square, in downtown Calgary, from Jan 8 - 29, 2017 as part of their waste reduction month.

Close-up on the hand holding the root-ball - the Return tree sculpture is approximately 12 feet tall overall.

Return was commissioned by Alberta Depot in 2016. Designed and built by Cory Barkman, Christine Pedersen, and Jeff de Boer.