Thursday, October 9, 2014

love at first sight

I'm sure it happens all the time to other artists, but this was my first time: I had that instant feeling of "I have to make work for this show". 

So I dropped everything, and chased horses.

I had a blissful summer, working away in the basement, and the result is “In Dreams”, a 17-piece installation now on show in the Alberta Craft Council's “Well In Hand” exhibition. This is a multi-artist show in the large, downstairs Feature Gallery space, and there is a really exciting range of scales and themes in the work. Life-sized figurative sculpture, jewellery, artwork for the walls and home, and conceptually-based work: it is clear from the artist's statements that the welfare and protection of the horse in society is on everyone's mind. Very gratifying that we are all, first and foremost, horse-lovers.

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