Tuesday, December 23, 2014


I always have a piece of scrap metal close by when I’m chasing—it’s a doodle pad, a way to warm up my hand and mind, rehearse a line before I commit to a piece. As I messed around with my holly design, I was also testing my fine liner tool around the border of the metal and modifying the tiny tip, learning about what might make it glide over the surface in the same delightful way that the larger tool does. 

Doodling is always a lot of fun, and suddenly my holly-doodle had become the piece that I needed to obsess over for the next few days.

“Rob’s Holly”. Chasing and repoussé. Oxidised aluminium. Christine Pedersen. 2014.

All done. I feel like one of Santa’s elves: silence descends as I put down my chasing hammer and wander bleary-eyed from the workshop. It’s time to yield to the season, make some cookies, fill the log basket, and crack open a bottle… 

Wishing you a wonderful 2015. 
May your days be bright.

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