Sunday, September 13, 2015

one becomes many

Makers, the clients that commission them, and those who receive our work as gifts become entangled, forever, through an original piece. Makers fashion the physical thing, but it is their creations that build memories.

As I consider the enduring nature of metal and stone I fully expect that this new pendant could be handed on to another generation. It’s a lovely thought that someone that I will probably never meet might one day inherit both the pendant and the story of how it came to be made.

It is a gift to me, as the maker, to be part of this experience. Thank you to my client—SA—for commissioning the piece, and I hope it brings your family joy.

One Becomes Many: SA. Bronze pendant with raw emerald crystal set in sterling silver. Cast and constructed. Leather necklace and hand-carved recycled ebony piano key toggle. Pendant length 50mm. 
Christine Pedersen. 2015.

Additional design info: the pendant design originated in a linked cast necklace, where multiple copies of the same model were connected and stone-set. A cool thing about that original form is that the waxes can be modified in so many ways, and one can become many.

One Becomes Many. Traditional bronze necklace with amethysts. Cast and constructed. 
Christine Pedersen. 2011.

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