Wednesday, June 15, 2016

everyday heirlooms

I like to think - hope - that the work I make will last. Certainly metal and clay have a habit of being highly durable, but what I really mean is that I hope that when someone commissions a piece of hand-made work they are creating something for themselves, for life. 

I recently had the pleasure of making this new 14k wedding band for a 30th anniversary—updating a slim traditional band to become a commemorative token in the client’s preferred personal style. The band is engraved with her wedding date, and my chop. My client commissioned her very own everyday heirloom.

Ladies 14k yellow gold textured wedding band, engraved with date and artist's chop. Christine Pedersen. 2016.

And what of future generations? Original artwork is likely to live on with them. That feels good.

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